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Are you an event planner? Your job life is very full of activities: call conferences, meetings, site inspections, brainstormings, reports and much more. An event planner must be perfect every day, but how could s/he succeed? Here are 3 news from the web to support.


Morning routine


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Eventmanagerblog.com tells about 10 things Event Planners should do before 9am.

“We’ve all heard of the early bird getting the worm. While night owls can have increased creativity, studies also show that they procrastinate more, making them less productive. Additionally, studies show that getting up early makes you more proactive with your day and can help you to mentally focus and stay motivated by achieving things early on. With this in mind, here are the top tasks to promote event planner productivity that you should do before 9am.”

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no procrastination

Some habits are difficult to change, but procrastination should be an enemy for every event planner. On TED website we find Talks for procrastinators. Great talks to watch when you should probably be doing something else.

Watch this video.


Successful career

Successful career

Do you want a successful career? You have to know the right people. There are 3 types of people you need in your circle to be successful. This interesting article on Everydaypowerblog.com can help you.

You have all heard the myth of the self-made man. I call it a myth because we all know NO ONE makes it on their own. When we achieve success or accomplish our goals, we do so through the support of or with assistance from others.”

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